We offer a myriad of different office solutions and configurations to fit any production’s needs. From bungalows that help separate departments, to offices that can incorporate an entire production. The office suites are flexible and suited for any production – executive suites, art, costume, accounting, editorial, set decoration, rigging, construction, etc.

All our office suites have HVAC systems that are equipped with Bio-Polar Ionization for sanitation. All offices have dedicated internet with speeds up and down up to 1 GB of data. Each office is accompanied with break rooms/kitchens. All suites have dedicated parking in front of each building, as well as easy access to the main parking lot.

The Grove

The Grove building B
Building A

8,300 sq/ft

Building B

16,585 sq/ft

The Grove building C
Building C

2,116 sq/ft

(No virtual tour available.)

Floor plans for each space can be provided if requested.

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